Hello, my name is Nick Eddy. I am a front-end Web Developer and Small Business Owner living and working in Portland, OR. I specialize in front-end development making responsive sites and have experience with branding and logo design.

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To do list maker

JavaScript to do list application

Washcycle Site

Washcycle window cleaning company website

Mastermind game

Mastermind game made with JavaScript

Pokemon quiz

Pokemon type quiz made with JavaScript

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     The two things I enjoy most in life are making things and learning things, so it was only natural that I would enjoy learning how to make websites. I started my design and development journey when I started my first company WashCycle. That first project was very difficult for me at the time and the feeling of accomplishment I got after completing it was amazing. That feeling is what pushed me forward the most and I continue to be motivated by it. I realized that I liked building the website more than any other part of the business creation process, so I started teaching myself to become more proficient. I am excited to see where this journey takes me.

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Most recent update: March 24th, 2017

These are my priorities at the current time in no particular order, I will update this list as they change.

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